28 November

Time for the Climate, Sheffield



In September 2014, we were inspired by the Belgian Sing for the Climate project (https://singfortheclimate.com/) and by Sheffield musician Jarvis Cocker's article (http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/sep/18/climate-change-common-people-march-jarvis-cocker) in which he encouraged people to dance rather than march along the People's Global Climate March. A group of Sheffield folk set up Sheffield Sings Out for the Climate (www.facebook.com/ShefClimateSing) to do some fun and engaging events in the lead up to Paris COP and beyond. We are part of Sheffield Climate Alliance (www.sheffieldclimatealliance.net), which brings together different campaigning groups to work together to raise awareness and campaign for action to tackle climate change. Over the past year, people in Sheffield have been learning the Song for the Climate in school assemblies, at youth groups, Woodcraft Folk and workshops. We have sung the Song for the Climate at a flash mob at the train station waving people on their way to Time to Act march in London, at the start of the 'Life on Earth' Sharrow Lantern Carnival, at Nether Edge Festival and at Time for the Climate, Sheffield's part of the Global People's Climate March. We think it's really important to have fun while we're protesting and we have definitely done that!





Tudor Square, Sheffield


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