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raise our voices now!

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What's the plan?

With the UN Climate Conference in Paris coming up, we need to kindly ask our world leaders to take serious climate action. People from all over the world should be able to deliver a global message, loud and clearly.

  • Sing Do it now

    with a (big) group of people

  • Film it


  • Upload it

    and let your voices count!

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We'll unite all the voices in one powerful clip to ask world leaders 1 thing:

Take climate action now!

Take climate action now

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In countries and in cities, 401.099 people already sang ‘Do it now’!


About the project



Sing For the Climate is a worldwide singing manifestation. More powerful than a petition, and more accessible than a demonstration. It is a unique opportunity for people from all over the world to let their voices be heard. [Find music and lyrics here!]



With the all decisive UN Climate Change Conference in Paris coming up in december 2015, we need to deliver our world leaders a clear global message: take serious climate action. And DO IT NOW.

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